My World Today

  • My Home

The patience and perseverance my parents did to rise from hardships in the family has brought too much joy to our family to where we are now.  When I was not yet in school, they had a miserable life since they too, were affected by the closure of DWU where both of them were employees of this university.  My father did not lost hope instead became more stronger that patience and perseverance were his key to search for success.  Now I really appreciate the home I have with my parents and my very pretty younger sister.

  • My School

This is now my sixth year in EVSU.  During these entire years I have given honor to my family through bringing my achievement in school being always an honor student.  My parents always tells me that the only happiness I can bring to them is my being a potential student.

  • My Group or friends

As I have already developed this attitude of being choosy of friends,  I consider this as my only point when it comes to friendship – few but real ones.


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