My Earliest Memory

What my elder say about me

I may sound too overweening but I am very proud to say how elders describe me.  My neighbors, friends, relatives, acquaintances would oftentimes say I am very respectful, very supportive, very understanding, patient, kind and many others pleasant to hear.   Though I do not sometimes believe that I am really of this kind, I am very thankful that how they see me is very praiseworthy.

My Very First Picture

My first picture was taken during my baptism two week after my birth in April 3, 1995.  I was baptized early since my parents believed that if it is done during an Eastern Sunday, the child will grow up as a very kind child.




First Schooling

Few years passed, I was no longer a baby, rather a youngster.  At the age of four I was enrolled in Palo Angelicum, but because I was sickly, I stopped my schooling and after a year came back as a Kinder 1 pupil.  Though I did not finish my nursery I excelled in the class. In my life I concluded that kindergarten is the most important level of studying, because in this level I learned how to count, write and read; raise my right hand before speaking; having a good behavior and most importantly, I learned to grow and believe that dreams will come true having one’s faith. Growing up for me when I was in kindergarten was becoming mature, not just physically but emotionally, I learned the main types of emotion, happiness and sadness. And my only dream when I was in this level was becoming an excellent pupil so I could make my parents proud of me.

My First Idol

My first idol was Jack Dawson, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the all time blockbuster movie Titanic.  At my age of 3 I was able to memorize and sing the whole lyrics of My Heart Will Go On, the theme song of the movie.






First Playmate

My first playmate was my neighbor – I was only two years old then.  She was a pretty girl of my age.  At seven we were sent to the same school where we were also classmates until our fourth grade.  I was always the first honors and she was always the second honors.

My First Best friend

As I remember then, my playmate was also my best friend.    She was oftentimes asked by my parents to come to our house especially during Saturdays and Sundays where they can also play with us to include the tutorial while we were not yet at age for school.

My First Crush

My first crush was when I was in Grade IV.  My first playmate and my best friend is in fairness pretty and witty.  I was a bit attractive.

 My First Toys

My toys were mostly bought from the Jollibee with kiddie meals.  Though my parents were not financially able during these early periods of their marriage, I was always given with my needs of which they consider this as a priority.


Our family is always together anywhere we may go.  Part of our bonding was our going to Cebu City just for a relaxation and this was my first travel.

My First Stage Performance

I was only in my Grade Two when I had my first stage performance.  I was taken to represent the school for a district competition in declamation contest after winning in the school campus contest.




My First Gold Medal

Since we do not have a housemaid and there were no private schools in Palo other than the Bethyl International School, I was just sent in our barangay school- the Cogon Elementary School.   My mother was only new at the EVSU Registrar and for “delicadesa”, she did not want to be sending and fetching me four times a day throughout the years to a private school in Tacloban City.  She wanted to make good on her work and be concentrated.  Luckily, however, I got the highest rank from Grades I up to IV, I was always the 1st Honors.

I Am a Prince, But not the First

Not only in public speaking did my teacher chose me as a representative but also in competition of fame and fortune.   I was chosen as Prince in our Grade IV class.  My Princess was in Grade III.  It was a money competition.   My contenders have aunties and uncles abroad.  This only made me to receive an award of Second Runner-up Prince.  I was the cutest boy but it was a money competition.   I was however, still very happy for this very rare opportunity which only a few could come up stage with lots of fans waiving while on the float roaming around the town.

My First Dancing an Ethnic Dance (IFUGAO DANCE)

I was in Grade III when I was chosen to participate in the Ifugao Dance.  This is a dance where dancers are supposed to be dark-complexioned performers.  I was however, enjoined to join though I was quite big and white-complexioned.   The watchers were however, also enjoying my participation as they described me as very cute and very funny to look at being with the very thin and dark-complexioned participants.  I was a very good dancer then.


At my age of 7 years old, my mother was conceiving a baby.   Very fortunate then they were gifted another child.  Again, she was not aware that she was pregnant for almost two months carrying a baby.  My great happiness was when she had a check-up with a doctor and that was the reality.  She was then pregnant.   While I was still alone, my parents treated me as a baby until she gave birth in May 17, 2003.  Since they consider this child as a very precious one, they named her Princess.  I, too, consider her as my angelic sister Princess.  She is now 8 years old and a First Grader.


My feelings seemed very different meeting new faces from various schools of the city of Tacloban and nearby towns.  I never thought that I could still make to the top in our section.  With my patience and continued labors in studies was never a failure.   I received the first honors.  The joys I have been bringing to my family are invaluable.

My First Promenade

On my third year in high school   A very enjoyable year since a year more to go we are near to another level.   I did not know what lies ahead then.  There had been moments I feel lazy doing my tasks.  This could probably be due to my changes in growing up of becoming a man looking for someone to inspire me more.        My parents, however, is advising me to be serious more in studies which I am now trying to recover.


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