Milestone of My Life

My name: A curse or a boon?

GERARD CHRISTIAN was the name my parents prepared while I was being conceived by my mother. GERARD was taken from my father’s name GERARDO. CHRISTIAN was paired with it. According to many my father is a very kind person hence, I was named after him. They too, believed that the name CHRISTIAN of whom they knew were all kind. My name is therefore, considered as a boon. I grew up as they really have wished for – they say I am kind and gentle.

If I had my way, what name would I have chosen for myself?

With a way or none, I would not choose any other name for myself. I really love my name GERARD CHRISTIAN. I don’t have any right to change even a single letter in my name, the only person worthy to name someone is his own parents who gone through difficulties in conceiving him. In my own point of view, my name sounds a dignified one – seems to have a strong personality, with a unique charisma.


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