Growing Up

  • At Home

The values my mother developed from her childhood was also applied to me.   She used to stay at home when already at home and would never go out of the house for a neighbor’s chat, drinking session, etc.  She then had nurtured me in this manner that is why I only have few friends and acquaintances and this I have a little regret.  Yet, for my own safety, I just enjoy to stay inside the house and do my school works.  My being a consistent honor student is a product of this attitude formation of my mother.

  • In School

My happiness greatly lies in my achievements in school especially during the closing period in March.  Like at home, in school I am not fond of going out with friends and I do not have barkadas.  I have been used to this since this has been a part of how I was nurtured from my childhood.

  • With my group or friends

I am not used to stay in a group of friends.  I may have little ones but I consider these as genuine ones.  I believe that few friends but real is better than a thousand acquiantances.

  • My Accomplishments

My accomplishment lies mainly in school.  Doing my school works to the best of my ability becomes my great accomplishment.  Once rewarded becomes my achievements.


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