David Scott, a very successful founder of a networking site in the globe. He made other networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter losing.  In his life, he never had smirked and been humane to others; all of his minions were terrified by his stance. He was unapproachable and unreachable, until he met someone.

Twenty fifth of December, David was approaching near to an old abandoned house when he remembered something in his past.  Something pushed himself to enter in the house he encountered, it was dark and the dusts and spider webs were everywhere.  When was going to leave, he heard a strange sound in the basement but just ignored it.  Few seconds when he was already out he heard someone screaming for help so he called 911.  Then he saw a child on the attic screaming for help so he rushed back inside the house.  When he was on the attic, an odd incident occurred, the child wasn’t there anymore.  He then thought that it was just his strange mind’s eye, but when he was going to turn around he saw the child standing and looking out of the ordinary on him.  A bit anxious, he asked the name of the child, but the only reply he got is “Recede” over and over.  Frightened by the paranormal child, David rearward and didn’t notice he was on the end of the attic.  When he was on the very end of the attic, the paranormal child then pushed David.

David woke up in a hospital, his loyal minion named Carla was the only person on his side.   He then asked what happened to him but Carla’s statement was different from what he remembered.  Carla stated, he was driving home late and drunk when his car bumped on a post.  He told Carla about what he remembered, but Carla thought it was just an upshot of what happened and didn’t take serious of it. David can’t understand what is happening to him.  He then remembered what the child said to him over and over, recede, he thought the child wanted him to recede to the house.  He asked Carla if she could check on the house, but when Carla checked it, it was not there anymore for the past twenty five years. David thought it was really just an upshot of the accident and just disregarded it.  After disregarding all about the upshot allegation, David asked about the status of his founded networking site, Carla just laughed at him.  He asked if he could contact his other minions, Carla can’t understand what David is talking about.  She asked if David is really serious of what he is talking about, he then asked to borrow Carla’s iPad, Carla has no idea of what an iPad is.  He thought Carla was just fooling out so he just ignored it. He remembered he was hospitalized because he was also bumped on the post, he said to Carla that the happening already occurred. David asked what the date on that day was; Carla said December 26. Then David asked what the year was, Carla questioned if he is serious, then said 2010. David was shocked and said 2015 was the year.

to be continued….


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