Heyday Dreamer: The Chance of a Lifetime

Third of April on the year 1995, a bouncing baby boy was conceived by his mother. The joy was full on the faces of the members of the family, the grandparents were so excited of who will be the child’s best grandparent, the aunts and uncles were so excited of who will be the child’s first one to be called aunt or uncle; and the parents, especially the father was full of joy for the reason he thought he won’t have a child because of genetics and medical reasons. By that, the parents planned to name the child after his father’s name.

After a week, the child was baptized on an Easter Sunday. The family prepared everything for the Christening Party. On that day, there was an old suspicious guy who warned the father of the baby not to train his child to be great in everything on every way, the father was shocked by the warning of the suspicious stranger, thinking it was just a prank so he didn’t took it seriously and didn’t told anyone about it.

Years have passed, the child grew up as his parents wanted him to be, he was always on the top of his class. He graduated in his intermediate level as the top of the batch. On his last year in secondary he was expecting to be the same as what he garnered on his intermediate level, but unfortunately, he failed on one of his subjects which is Values Education, it was surely because he was too proud of himself and he doesn’t care too much of others, in short he is so greedy. By that, he became much more greedy and much more serious on life, he became strict on everything  and mean in every way.

He graduated in college as Zuma Comlaude, but he didn’t enjoy his college life because he didn’t have friends for the reason he was always focused on his goals to achieve heyday.

He became the most successful businessman in the country, making him the richest Asian in the international Forbes. He married the most beautiful woman in the world, who just marry him for money at first but when she noticed his seriousness in life, she then loved him.

Third of April on the year 2055, on his birthday, his first child was conceived but unfortunately the child didn’t make it. It was so hard for him to accept that his reason for changing can’t be in reality. Because of what happened he then became much more strict in his life. His associates and his wife left him with his money with them leaving him only the 1/5 of his fortune. Because of that he became much more strict and mean. He wanted for his heyday to be achieved higher once more, so he didn’t stop on working so he can bring back what he had loss.

His father remembered someone on his past when he looked at his son’s serious and strict face, the old stranger who warned him about his son. He told his son about the warning but he didn’t listen, he just thought he was having his second childhood. He achieved his heyday higher than before. He then had his revenge on his associates and his ex-wife because of what they did to him.

Third of April 2058, he was given by a gift by an anonymous, he thought it was a prank or revenge so he didn’t open it. His mother went to him and asked his son to open the gift she gave, it was a necklace with a mirror imitation on its back. He then looked at the mirror imitation and was shocked of what he saw, he looked much more older than her mother.

On the night of his birthday, his parents organized a surprise party for him but no one wanted to attend his birthday, not even his only sister. He was then became sad, first time in his life when he felt something like it. He then run in to his room and saw the necklace on his desk, he observed it and looked at the his reflection on the mirror like back of the necklace, he then asked himself why he became so sad, then a tear slip in his face from his eye.

While he was looking at his reflection on his necklace, the most powerful terrorist of Asia attacked him. When his head was hit, he looked at his reflection in his necklace and saw his face when he was sixteen years of age.

He then woke up in a room full of students and two teachers were in front teaching, he don’t have an idea of where he is or who are the people he is seeing. Then he was called by his teacher to recite, he then stood up and the setting changed again.

He looked at his hand and he was holding a necklace, the same of what he have on the year 2058. He then looked at his reflection and he was on his fifteen years old, he then remembered something when he was going to give a gift to girl, he was going to give the mirror but because he was scared of maybe he will be rejected, he didn’t had the chance to give it to her.

He then entered in a room and a new setting was there. The necklace was still on his hands, he saw his reflection on the mirror and he was on his thirteen years of age. It was recognition day, he was called as the first honors of the First year section Faith. He then stood up and was awarded, in his mind there is confusion and he doesn’t have an idea of why is it happening to him.

Thinking he will be in another stage of his life, he then analyzed the happenings in his past and its relation to his future. He remembered the necklace, it was a gift from his mother when he was still young. He was always then bullied by his classmates because of it, he then hid the gift for a long time. When he was on his thirteen years of age, he had the necklace for he was planning to give it to someone, likewise when he was on his fourteen. But he can’t remember why it came back to his mother, making her gave it to him as his birthday gift.

He then continued his life on his thirteen years of age, he is still very much confused of what is the purpose of his return to his past. He then knew for himself that the reason of his return is for him to live life as he didn’t had before on the day before his 14th birthday.

Third of April on the year 2009, he woke up differently. Their family had their simple celebration of his birthday only in their home. He noticed something is missing in his memory, it was the memory of his heyday in the future and his travel in different chances of his life.


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