Future Zapper

Ten at bygone

What will you do if every time you sleep at night you’ll wake up ten years at bygone?

After a head injury, a man has an unusual problem: every time he falls asleep, he wakes up ten years in the past.

Was he being cursed? Or was he cursing someone?

Timepiece of Love

What will you do if you’ll be in love with a girl who has been gone since you were born? Will you find ways? Or will you stop your fantasy?

A man falls in love with a popular actress who died on the day he was born. He time traveled and make her fall in love with him, without knowing the trade he had made with the time witch…

Will their love be enough to save their time? Or will their time be enough to save their love?

The Young Timer

Story I

After his grandfather dies, a man inherits a most unusual pocket watch. The watch has a button that allows the user to repeat the last hour, experiencing it again. Any time there is a major event in his life, the man repeats it hundreds of times to get it just right.

Story II

A young boy obsessed with comic books meets the man who writes his favorite, Time Travel Adventures. The old man tells the boy a secret: all of the stories are true.

The Flashforward

What will you do if you jumped ten days in a flash and finds no one knows you anymore?

When a time traveler jumps ten days into the future, he finds that no one remembers him. His house, his car, and any evidence that he ever lived is gone.

What happened to him? Was he never existed ever since? Or was he in another dimension?


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