The Ways to Move on and Go on

You can never make a real face out of you until you learn to let go of your past. If you have gone through a break-up, you must learn to move on and let go. You’ll be enlightened that life can be rewarding and joyful again.

Stop making your situation worse and nearly the worst of all…

1. Never spend a lot of time and energy mourning about what happened. Let a broken romance or friendship go.

2. Never over-react to your loss by taking any sudden actions without enough time for careful consideration.

3. Never be alone all the time.

4. Never complain of what you have gone through.

Three Moving-on Tips…

1. Always keep moving and busy. Always occupy your time with enjoyable activities. Try to find activities that have a physical element. Avoid limiting yourself. Occupy your time with a variety of activities — both old and new.

2. Always keep the talk positive. Never talk about your loss. Always make sure your talks are positive. You should take in to consideration to distance yourself from acquaintances that persist in bringing up your loss.

3. Always volunteer to help less fortunate than you. Get over feeling sorry for yourself by volunteering at the community, like helping in activities which are very enjoyable likewise helps you see the reality that you are not the person with the worst problem, likewise in your church, so you can be cleared by the message of God.

Be patient, think positive, and you will soon have overcome your sadness and anger and be moving forward with your new life.


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