The Ways to Make Her Forgive You

The Ways to Make Her Forgive You

No matter what you did, if someone is mad at you, it’s really hard to get them to forgive you. Guys, stop getting your girls mad! The following steps are very natural and if you are genuine, you wont need all this. So do as your heart says.

  1. Apologize first and foremost. Apologies, while just words, mean a lot. A simple “I’m sorry” is a start.
  2. Write an apology letter. As horrible or simple as what you did may have been, write a letter telling her you know what you did was your fault, how sorry you are, and how you’ll never do it again.
  3. Let things cool off. Don’t keep saying sorry because she will get more mad at you than she already is.
  4. Tell her how much you love her, and that you are very sorry and never meant to hurt her.
  5. Email or text message her and make small talk. This may just get the conversation started on the track to being how you were before. Just realize that you can’t completely ignore the fact that you were in the wrong.
  6. Give her time, if she needs it. In fact she may never forgive you but all you can do until she lets you know is just waiting.

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