The Only Way to Forget About Her

The Only Way to Forget About Her

The time when the relationship between you and her closes, it is natural for you to still think about her.

Either you prefer to focus on the good times or the bad it doesn’t really matter, even though when you prefer to focus on the bad you incline to want her back.

Thinking about one’s ex, no matter what, is something that no one likes doing!

Hitherto, for you to erase her memories on you, there are only two grounds you should consider.

The first ground, which you don’t have any control over, is time. Obviously as more time passes, the less and less you will find yourself thinking about your ex.

You might not ever forget her, yet all that really means is that the two of you shared a lot of moments in time together and that is always a good thing, hopefully.

The second ground, which you do have control over is seeing other girls.

When the two of you broke up it made a null in your life and your mind is telling you exactly what you need in order to fill it.

Nevertheless, since your ex was the last person to fulfill those needs it keeps giving you a picture of her.

The closer you look at the pictures and thoughts in your mind of her, the sooner you will find what it is you really need.

Surprisingly, when another girl fill’s some of those needs, the thoughts of your ex will gradually disappear.

In the last, thinking about your ex is a certainty of life, what you choose to do with these thoughts is all that matters.


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