Viva Senior Sto. Niño: Pintados-Kasadyaan vs.Sangyaw

Viva Senior Sto. Niño

Viva Senior Sto Niño

Patron na han Tacloban

Pintados-Kasadyaan vs.Sangyaw


Same as other provinces in the country, Tacloban city lionizes fiesta that memorializes Senior Sto.Niño. In the highly urbanized city of Tacloban, there are two contrasting festivals which are being celebrated yearly, the Pintados-Kasadyaan and Sangyaw festival. Along with the difference of opinion of the two activities, rivalry cannot be contradicted.


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The Pintados Festival is from the word “pintados” which means “the painted ones”, it’s a native class which eventualized before the Spaniards came to our country. In 1668 the Spaniards came to Visayas and found in the islands heavily tattooed men and women whom they called pintados. In 1888, missionaries from Spain brought the child Jesus known as “EL Captain” to the island. It was then in the year 1986, an organization began religious cultural activities for the city fiesta in honor of Senior Sto. Niño. Pintados festival used to be celebrated in the 29th of June. Now, it is called the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival and later on became the “festival of festivals”. In the year 2010, the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival became notable nationally through its award as the best festival in the country.


Sangyaw Sangyaw

Sangyaw means “to herald news” in Waray language. It was first observed by the country’s first lady, Imelda Marcos. Back then Sangyaw Festival was held on the date which the Pintados festival is now celebrated. When Imelda and her family were booted from power, the festival was discontinued; however it was made to come back in 2008 when the mayor of Tacloban City decided to revive it.

Since then, the Pintados festival is celebrated every 27th of June while Sangyaw Festival is two days later.

Battle between Pintados-Kasadyaan and Sangyaw

  Pintados-Kasadyaan Venue Sangyaw Venue

The conflict of the two festivals does not mean the fight of the two politicians. This actually means that in politics, the Sangyaw and Pintados-Kasadyaan are two distinct celebrations that the city mayor and the provincial governor sponsor respectively. As observed, these activities are competing for more members and participants that will support them to earn more laurels and superiority.



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